Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Old Cars

Dapper Dan, The Cumberland Post stirred memories of old cars I have owned. I say old cars, because they were old when I bought them!
My first car, a '53 Crosley station wagon. I only had this tin box a few months as it would not go in the snow, and there was no heater! Not a Michigan car for sure.
The next car was a '48 Plymouth coupe. Bought it from a neighbor, and it was great in snow with it's knobby snow tires, that would sng to you on dry pavemant. It had a great dashboard, and the radio was really good.
The engine threw a connecting rod drag racing at a stop light. I beat the Olds, and a block later she blew.
By this time I was 17, and on my feet again with no car!
I spotted a '49 Chevy fastback in a yard with a for sale sign on it. A great $50.00 car! The engine had been replaced with a six out of a garbage truck that had a shorter stroke. It would only go 60 MPH, but you could pull stumps with it, great torque. It had been a family car that was well cared for. Good paint and very little rust. I put a set of Firestone Town and Country snow tires on it, and never did get stuck in the snow. I kept it all through high school.
After high school, I sold the old Chevy, and headed south. I found a 55 Dodge Royal Lancer, Hemi with a standard trans. It was a fantastic car. Power, looks, and loaded! I put side pipes on it and the Hemi would talk to you! I kept that car until 1964, traded it in on a new Dodge Dart. The Dart was to last for 100K miles.
Those old cars were easy to work on, a tune up was a breeze, and nothing major ever went wrong with them, 'cept for the Plymouth throwing a rod, my bad! Favorites, yep, the 55 Dodge Royal Lancer was it.
Wish I had it today!

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