Saturday, August 3, 2013

Say It Ain't So !

I normally do not tell a story on the wife, as I would not want to embarrass her, but we have both laughed many times over this one, so I know she won't mind.

A few weeks back she had a doctor's appointment with a specialist to try to pinpoint a circulation problem she is having. It was an early morning appointment at one of the major teaching hospitals in downtown Nashville. So we set the alarm clock, which we had to locate, since we rarely use it,  retired, don't you know, and set it for 6:00 A.M.

We were running a few minutes behind, threw on our "city clothes," and prepared to drive down off of the ridge in hopes the traffic would not be too bad. We made it with about ten minutes to spare.

There we are sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor and his intern, and she looks down and discovers that her shoes do not match. Same color and basic style, but no match! The doctor's come in, and she is doing her best to hide her feet.  I'm pretty sure they saw the difference, and figured it was a "geezer" thing and tactfully made no mention of it, and having better sense, I sure wasn't going to mention it!

After we finished up at the hospital, we were starving, so we headed for a Cracker Barrel for a little breakfast, she, still hoping no one would notice her two odd shoes.
After we order, I look across the table and on her blouse is a long plastic tape with the size on it, about three quarters down the front. A new blouse no doubt that she hadn't inspected yet. Now, I know we are both getting on in years, but old age can certainly humble you, with what it has in store.

Her explanation was that she had reached into the closet where she keeps her shoes, with out turning the light on and grabbed a pair of shoes. Same for the dresser for the blouse. We both had a good laugh thinking that the doctor's figured that we were just good country folks from up on the ridge, and old one's to boot!

She has another appointment coming up, and both of us agree that a full dress inspection is in order before we leave the house!
Oh, the joy's of getting older!