Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Road Trip

After a long winter, a little road trip was in order. The walls of the cabin have closed in on us at various times over the past several months, that, and the doctor office visits, that seem to go along with getting
"over the hill" lead to our decision to give the new Honda Pilot, her maiden flight on the Interstate's of the south. My wife's sister and her husband extended an invitation for a visit in central Mississippi.
They have a beautiful home situated on a very large lake. The hospitality, fishing, and good times were all first class. It was a visit we will have fond memories of for a long time.
I did get an opportunity to drive to Vicksburg, the city where I was born. The old saying "You can't go home again" sure rings true. I drove by the old homeplace of my grandparents and was disappointed
to see the owners had let the big old home fall into disrepair. I hate to say it, but the city itself is looking a little shabby as well, but my memories are still there, so mentally, I guess you can still go home in a way.
The new Pilot performed as expected, great ride, comfort and good fuel economy. This is our third Honda product, the realibility keeps us coming back. My old Ford truck, also a winner, is like the Ever Ready Bunny, it just keeps going, and going!
There were fewer cars on the road than I have ever seen. Gas prices I'm sure have a lot to do with it, but, there were more trucks than I have ever seen, probably all hauling goods from China, since we don't export much anymore.
It was good to get off of the ridge for a while. A little road trip brings everything back into perspective, I strongly recommend it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Cure For Gas Pains?

A few nights ago, I watched a two hour special on "The Amish in America." First let me say I have always admired these people for their hard, but simple lifestyle, religion aside. I had no idea how much time it takes to hitch a horse up to a buggy. The harness alone is enough to baffle you with all of the different leather straps required. Forgot, you have to catch the horse first!
Then I got to thinking, can you imagine how the environmentalist would react, if we ALL had to return to the horse and buggy days of the early 20th Century. We would be up to our knees in horse$hit and the methane gas created would blow another hole in the ozone layer (another joke!) But wait, maybe that  is the alternative fuel source the "Great O" is trying to make us go to, instead of gasoline. He is not telling us what the alternative fuel source might be. Did he watch the same show?
All joking aside, This gasoline thing is all political. Sure gas prices will continue to climb, but just watch, come September-October, they will mysteriously drop, just in time for the election.  We are currently exporting gasoline and natural gas, so what's that telling you!
What I still can't understand is why diesel or kerosene prices are so high. Kerosene is a by-prouduct of refining gasoline and does not require additional refining. There was a time kerosene was almost given away to get rid of it by the refiners. The bad part is that we are paying for the inflated price of diesel fuel in our grocerys, and everything that is put on board a truck, or train. Kerosene for jets is another animal.
If the Dumocrats win in 2012, think I'll have to keep an eye out for that horse and buggy!