Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lucky Find !

I've been needing some more .*** ammo, as I had used some of it up a while back.
So, the search was on. I knew none of the big box stores had anything other than shotgun shells, and that the sports stores didn't have even that. I had heard that one gun store in our area, might have a few bits and pieces, and upon arrival, that's what they had...junk ammo!
Monday, the wife and I passed through a small village, and wouldn't you know it, a gun shop at the edge of the town! I wheeled the Pilot into the tiny lot, and like a kid at Christmas, could not wait to see if he had any ammo at all! When I opened the door to the place, there was an entire wall of cartridge box's, mostly pistol calibers and combinations.
Come to find out, folks in his area of the mountains don't shoot pistols very much, so he had a fair amount of stock, including my .*** personal defence ammo.
But, very few rifle calibers..... and shot gun  shells...forget about it!
Maybe I can work out a deal with him on an excess of **-** shells I have. So if you are having a problem getting the ammo you want, try the out of the way places.
I felt pretty happy driving home with the .*** ammo, that I had just about given up on finding, here in Middle Tennessee anyway.

Monday, June 10, 2013

What The.........

I'm about half afraid to post anything! If indeed "they" are watching us, why give them something that will put you on the list.

Sooo, I guess I will just stick to mundane post's, you know, the weather, and how fast the lawn is growing, that sort of thing.

I quite honestly never thought I would see a time in America when you had to guard your opinion of current news events, but, I believe that day has come, whether it be on the net or even on the telephone!

All of this makes me ask the question....What the Hell is happening to our great country, and WHY are we letting it happen?

'Nuff said.