Friday, April 20, 2012

The Albatross Is Gone!

Have you ever bought one of those things, you felt you just had to have? Well, such was the case when we purchased a treadmill some years ago. The health craze was going full till at the time, so caught up in it, off to the exercise equipment store we did go.
For about six months this monster from Hell, lived in a spare bedroom, where we would mount the thing for a boring walk/run until it was evident, that the machine was going to eventually put us both in the hospital. Like most level headed folks, we slacked off on it.
Eventually, like most exercise equipment, it became a place to hang clothes or what ever else it happened to catch.
Now the really bad news about the treadmill, is that it followed us on two moves. That's right, we paid to have this rubberized son of Satin, moved twice! I don't know what the attachment was, probably thought that someday we would be in ernest regarding our physical health!
It's last resting place has been in our storage building now for almost three years, and today, cleaning out the building I said "Enough!" My grand son came over and helped me load the heartless bastid into my pick up truck, and I grinned all the way to the Goodwill drop off dock!
I guess I have become more cynical in my old age about excercise. I see a lot of young folks jogging, cycling or what ever else they do to become "buff" I think the word is, and the old undertaker in me kicks in, and I silently say "Sooner or later we will get you anyway, you can't out run death!"
Shame on me, I know, but think about it!
So, the Albatross is gone. Now I can live out my days being a happy, chubby old man!