Saturday, November 24, 2012

Short Blog

It's been a while since I threw something up on the blog, but when you are retired, life begins to slow down and new external experiences are few and far between. I'm not complaining, for I choose to let life just coast on by flying my recliner, every chance I get!
There are things I could write about, the election (sucked,) or the lousy economy (we ain't seen nothing yet folks!) Perhaps gun control (not taking mine.) Or a multitude of current world news items, but seems everything has already pretty well been covered,  ad nauseum. I am about to the point, that unless something affects me personally, I'm just not going to worry about it. I know it's kind of a selfish view, but it keeps the blood pressure down to pre-stroke levels!
The Christmas season began with the turkey bones hitting the garbage can, and already the wife is ready for me to drag all of the decorations out of the shed house. She thoroughly enjoys the season, so I will later today make the trek to recover said boxes. The only outside decoration we put up is a wreath on the front door. No hanging off of the gutters putting up Chinese icicles for me, or fat blinking Chinese made Santa's on the front lawn!
Shopping for presents is another challenge here on the ridge. Redneck women are not to be challenged on the toy aisle at Wal*Mart, especially if Bubba, who is three sheets in the wind is pushing the cart!
Somehow, everything will get done in time for the big day, and life will settle down once again to the business of living.
Gripe of the day! TV commercials have gotten so long, I forget what I was watching to begin with.
And there are times the commercials are better than the show! The breaks are lasting sometimes as long as seven minutes. Just grin and bear it I reckon.