Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Flamingo's

Here lately, it seems like all of my time has been taken up with doctor visits! Just the usual check ups that they seem to require. Last week when I was waiting my turn to see the doctor, I started looking around the waiting room, man, those people are old I thought, then I remembered the old guy in the mirror looking back at me as I was shaving that morning. It's strange how you don't picture yourself as getting on in age.
I kind of equate going to the doctor about like taking your car in for the check ups in order to keep the car in warranty. The car can be running perfectly, and you can bet your bottom dollar they will find something to repair, about the same with the medical community! I have to give the medical folks credit though for a job well done, otherwise, I'd be pushing up daiseys by now!
On another subject, I had to go and buy another gas can for the mower. I thought I'd  zip into WallyWorld and pick one up. I wanted a steel gas can like I had, but found nothing but plastic cans, no steel. So passing them up, I went to ACE Hardware and the friendly folks explained that steel cans were no longer made for gas! Come to find out some jerk in the UPA thought they were too dangerous for home use and let too many fumes into the atmosphere, so plastic is the relacement with a filler cap that is almost impossable to get to work right. Boy, now that's progress, huh!
It's flower planting time here on the ridge, so made the pilgramage to the nursery with the wife.
Came home with the pick up loaded with annuals to plant in the beds. What is it with old geezers and flowers? Reminds me of a story...My brother in law used to live in a very exclusive neighborhood in Georgia. All kinds of covenants on what you could and couldn't do with your yard. I happened to find a bunch of those God-awful pink flamingos someone was throwing away, and the wheels started turning!!
The next Sunday we were there for a visit, and I covertly placed the pink flamingo's in his flower beds! (sorry Andy, mauve flamingo's)
The next day, I got a rather heated phone call from him. It was a true "gotcha" moment!!! It is  amazing the crap people put in their front yards. I recently drove by a clawfoot bath tub standing on end with a statue of the Virgin Mary enscounced there in! I still don't know what to think about that, is there a message there?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be Back Soon!

Having some issues with the computer at present. Looks like a trip to the Geek Squad will be in order to get it back on track. It can't make up it's mind on which operating system to use!
I'm still reading your blogs, just takes it forever to work.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lawn Mower Therapy

We have had so much rain here in middle Tennessee, that the grass is jumping out of the ground!
I am using more gas in the riding mower than the car just trying to keep up with it.
For some folks cutting the grass is a real drudge, just one of those mundane," have to do" jobs around the house. But for me, it's time well spent. I used to joke about it being "lawn mower therapy" time, but the next time you are faced with the chore, see if your mind doesn't drift from one thought to the next!
I have had folks that ride motorcycles tell me the same thing happens to them, in that after a good ride, all of the problems of the world are solved. Well, I've got to tell you the first and only time I was on a motorcycle, I rode it through a huge rose bush trying to get to the street, but I do envy the folks that enjoy a day on the hog. My experience kind of wiped out the "biker" image and used up a full box of Band-Aids.
Flying a plane also has the same cathartic effect. You are so busy trying not to kill yourself that everything else seems to vanish. When you land the thought that "I cheated death one more time" does pop into your head!
I have know several people in the past who have paid big bucks for psychotherapy sessions, when you know, all they needed was a riding mower and a big yard! It works every time!