Saturday, September 1, 2012


I am currently at the "critical mass" stage with politics! I did watch the Republican convention, and thought the speeches for the most part were on point, however, when the political commentators would come on to interpret what had we just heard, the TV went to 'mute' every time! I just didn't want to hear their comments.
Do I plan on watching the Democratic convention this coming week? Not just no, but Hell no!
No more lies, socialism, and how great Obamacare is for seniors, ad nauseum!
O.K., enough politics, just vote for Romney!

On another subject. Here on the ridge, the weather is still for the most part hot, but moderating some, so I'm hoping that since we had the hottest summer on record here in Tennessee, that fall will come early. I'm sure ready for it so that I can do things outside, that I have had to put off. The Holly hedge out front needs trimming, but are full of wasps until frost. The truck and the Pilot both need a coat of wax before winter, and the list goes on.

For the past four years my son has coached a co-ed city league soccer team. These kids are between ten and twelve years old. It's amazing how these kids start to become a team as the weeks go on.
We try to go to all of the games, and have to admit the past two games of the season so far have been head scratchers! Generally, by about half way through the season they finally understand about playing a position, until then it's a free for all!

BTW, what do you think the IRS is going to do with that truckload of .357 ammo they just bought?
I could understand if the ATF bought it, but the IRS!!!! "Ve haf vay's of making you pay der taxes, ja"