Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stay Out of the Kitchen !

Turkey day is tomorrow, so the kitchen is "Off Limits" for now. The house smells of pumpkin pies in the oven, and other treats for the over indulgence that will occur around 3:00 PM tomorrow.
We will pack it all up and go to my son's home, as he has a larger home than we do, and with all of his wife's family and ours we will need it.

I'm still nursing a sore jaw, the result of having a molar extracted earlier this week. The tooth had been filled once, and two crowns put on it over the years. I think that one tooth alone payed several car notes, and a house note for the dentist. The crown had decay up under it, and the only way came to light was a tooth ache from Hell! Nothing left to do but extract it. This was my first experience of being put to sleep while the deed was done. It's the only way to go, let me tell you!

Like many of you, we had a little dusting of snow earlier in the week. You would have thought a blizzard was coming! The salt trucks here on the ridge went into full frenzy and spread the stuff every where. The snow on the ground lasted about four hours! If we had several inches on the ground, I'm sure the salt trucks would
have all been at the Warful House, drinking coffee! Good 'ol boys, fer sure!!
The next day we had to go Wally*World for a few provisions, and found the folks had panicked and picked the grocery part cleaner than a hounds tooth. I think these "Preppers" just might have something about storing up a few food items for an emergency.

I have noticed food collection box's everywhere. I hope the food will go to people who really need it,
rather than the "Welfare Queens" who know how to use the system, and deprive a family of a decent meal due to their greed. Well, 'nuff said, I suppose.