Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot 'Nuff for Ye!!!

It's been a little hot here of late, on the ridge. Generally we are a few degrees cooler than the flat landers, but the grass here is cruncy and dead looking. The small garden is barely hanging on, even with me throwing water on it in the evenings, you would think it's August! Yesterday it was 101 degrees and the humidity was 30% here at the house.
When I was a kid I used to spend the summers with my grandmother in Ms. She had a big old two story house and there was no air conditioning. If you didn't have your errands finished by 10 A.M.,
you had to wait until the next morning, for it got too hot after that to anything but stay in front of a fan, and drink Kool-Aid. Even her big ol' black Buick didn't have air conditioning, talk about an oven!
Generally a nap was called for in the afternoon, because by then, that's about all you had the energy left to do! The movie house was the only thing in town that was air conditioned. Seemed we always watched the movie twice just to be in the cool, didn't matter what was playing! Boy, those were the days! Some how we made it. I know many of my fellow Southerner's know what I'm talking about!!

On another subject. The battery on my HP laptop has finally died, and to replace it will cost pretty close to $100.00. I'm thinking it might be cheaper in the long run to just get another lap top, as this one is old and the memory is just about maxed out. It's been a good one, but no more Windows Vista for me!

Looks like a few travel plans for the summer are taking shape, so I will probably be blogging even less than I have been. I will still enjoy keeping up with the folks I like to follow, and comment every now and then. Maybe there will be a few more adventures to share with every one as the summer unfolds, I hope so anyway.