Saturday, April 19, 2014


I've been loosing my hearing now for sometime, in my right ear. I'm pretty sure the wife is tried of me saying,
"What did you say?" So, I finally broke down and got a "Hearing Instrument" as they are now called.
I'm having a tough time getting used to it as everything sounds tinny, but despite that, I'm pretty sure I could hear a mouse fart at fifty yards! I look at it as though it's just one more notch, in the belt of getting old, of course those faulty ear plugs at the range, probably didn't help things either.

To add to the tale of woe, the dentist replaced seven crowns that had been leaking this month. The last two permanent crowns go on Monday, to say I'll be glad is an understatement!

The weather here has finally turned the corner, and it looks like in another two weeks we can plant some tomatoes, and a few other things to help the grocery bill a little. Today I put the lawn furniture back on the patio, so that, and a full tank of butane for the grill, must mean we are ready for the summer. Now for the mosquito's. They just discovered a new North African organism spread by our local mosquito's that will, if you
get bitten, take you out if you avoid the warning signs. Boy, what next? I think I will just forego listening to the news, and take my chances on all of the warnings, that the wombats delivering the news put out.

I did a little mechanic work on the '95 Ranger this past week. The temperature sender switch was bad, and the needle was on the peg, dead as a hammer. After I got home from the parts store, I'm sure I looked like a dog digging for a bone, way down in the engine compartment! But now it's fixed, and all is well. It's been a great truck, Ford got that one right!