Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working !

Sometimes when it's quiet, flashbacks of many of the people I have worked with in the past,  just jump into my thoughts out of no where. For the most part, it was the good, the bad, and the ugly, pretty well across the board! I have always been a keen observer of people, especially my fellow directors!
One fellow I especially remember,  because he totally believed that the road to success was paved with the backs of others! This guy was an "Operator" to the max, and would steal any one's thunder in a minute. He was fun to watch in action, but the powers that be soon caught on, and an unceremonious dismissal took place.
I was fortunate to work along side some of the most professional and caring folks in the biz. These were the people that you hoped you would turn out to emulate one day. Then, there were people I worked with that had served their apprenticeship, gone on to college and passed all of the state board exams, like all the rest of us. Then they discovered that the biz just wasn't what they thought it would be. Now these were some miserable people. Some slogged it out for a while, doing a half-fassed job, and eventually just left. These were the folks that wearing a suit and driving a Cadillac was all they were after....until they found themselves crawling out of bed at 2AM, putting on a suit and yes, driving that same Cadillac to the hospital or nursing home!
I am sure that many of my fellow bloggers have put up with the rotten eggs, slackers and SOB's in the work place. People are people, almost every job or profession has the about the same mixture. Out living them is the reward, but unfortunately, when one goes down, another takes their place!

Friday, February 25, 2011

What Ever!

We had a pretty good storm go through last evening around 11:00 P.M., with a lot of high wind and sideways rain. Tornado warnings all around us. Got a little crazy there for about an hour. I went out this morning and found a few shingles off of the roof on the lawn. I'm glad I have a bundle of spares, now have to have someone come out and nail them back on. Used to be I would do it myself, but me and ladders don't get along very well. Just another chapter in the happy homeowners book.
To change he subject, the situation in Libya has been interesting to follow on T.V. Gaddafi is suffering from delusions of grandeur and he just can't believe the party is over! I think it's a matter of time before Tripoli falls once he is abandoned by his own troops, and his female bodyguards. Maybe he can sell his clothes on EBay!
Another hot item on the tube, unions and teachers. I am not a fan of labor unions and feel they should be no where near our education system. Have you ever tried to dismiss an employee who was a slacker, doing a lousy job, and a member of a union? Nuff said!
Yesterday was a fix the computer day. The thing was going nuts! No matter what I did it would throw me off of the net. Despite all of the safeguards I have on it, nothing bad bounced up as a problem. What ever I did in my hunting around it's brain must have fixed it. No problems today so far. I would be lost with out one.  For retired folks,  it's one of the best things going.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The John Deere

The warm weather of the past few days has been a real pleasure!
Even though there is not a bud about to bloom yet, I know Spring is coming and with it, yard work!
I know there is a John Deere lawn tractor in my future. Our son has taken care of our lawn for the past two years, but since one of his part-time jobs went full time, old dad will finally have to bite the bullet and start doing it. When we moved from Atlanta, we left a very tired 20 year old  Craftsman lawn tractor with the new owner who was happy to have it. Most of the folks here in the hood, have John Deere lawn tractors and think they are the best. Far be it from me to stray from the fold,  and buy some off-brand lawn tractor!
Just think of the consequences. I could be banned from the garage/man cave gatherings in the evenings or they might train all of their dogs to leave mega piles of poo in our yard.  Boy,  it's just scary!
I know there is a big John Deere waiting for me at Lowes. I can see it now on the day it will be delivered. It's flagship colors of yellow and green shining in the sun, and the hardy approval of neighbors. Ahhh, life is good here in America!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days Events

You never know what events await you with the start of each new day. Seems like on the days you really have nothing planned, you get zapped with something out of the blue! Such was the case involving our nine month old Honda Accord. A dead battery! Now, this is a car that lives in a semi heated garage, and has been afforded all the TLC a fellow could bestow on it. Nothing to do but limp on down to the Honda dealership for a new battery. The dealership is about 15 miles from us, so I was hoping I could make it before the battery conked out again. The people at the dealership are first class in all aspects and in thirty minutes,  I was on my way back home with a new battery, at no charge. The folks in Ohio build a mighty good car. This is our second Accord.
I also own a '93 Ford Ranger pick up with almost 100K absolutely carefree miles on it. I've always felt that if you take good care of a vehicle, it will take good care of you! Not always, but most of the time anyway.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a wasted mind!

It's early morning and I am sitting here savoring that first cup of coffee. I have visions of a good old southern style breakfast consisting of eggs, a small slice of country ham, hot steaming grits with butter just floating in them, and big 'ol cat head biscuits with butter and  'lasses, and of course, hot strong coffee with a little chicory in it.  With a breakfast like that you could chop 12 rows of cotton and cut a cord of firewood, and still be full! When I was a kid I stayed with my grandparents in Mississippi off and on for a pretty good while and you could just about count on the above breakfast every morning. When I would be shipped back up to Michigan, breakfast was what ever you could find! Some contrast huh.
Here on the ridge, we got blasted with two more inches of snow last night and woke up to eight degree temps. I know the rest of you are are equally tired of winter, so won't go into a tirade about it. No busted pipes, thanks to a good home builder!
I know now  why so many other "Geezers" head for south Florida. Leaves on the trees, green grass, a soft warm breeze,
short sleeve shirts, man, I can see it now! Even go for a hot "Cuban Sandwich" in "Little Havana"! We are close to I-65, and generally around late October, there are miles of RV's headed south. Who can blame them. We had thought about going full time RV'ing a few years back. I have to admit it has it's merits, but later health considerations ruled it out.
Well, this was going to be a thesis on southern cusine, but looks like I strayed from that pretty well, perhaps another time I can go into the finer points of stump slung and stream washed fried chitlins! BTW, a six pack must be consumed prior to eating the afore mentioned chitlins!
Remember, don't eat the yellow snow!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Thoughts

The commercials were great, the half time show sucked, and the boys from Acme Packing won! Now the Super Bowl can R.I.P. for another year. The best part of the whole deal was not having to listen to the "Talking Heads" on CNN, give us their opinions  (Ad Nausium) on the Egyptian guessing game. I hate to say this, but the average U.S. citizen doesn't give a big fat rat's as$  what happens over there! The end result will be the same with, or with out the U.S. sticking it's nose once again where it doesn't belong. How's that for a little personal opinion?
I think I must be suffering from "News Overload" again, just gotta quit watching and stick to reading the seed catalog!!!
It's Monday, so it looks like another another week of retirement bliss looms before us. A trip to Walmart is high on the list, need a few provisions for the coming week and to see that there are other actual people out there. The wife is great company, but after 48 years, we can almost anticipate each others thoughts. A new thought creates all kinds of excitement!
Maybe later in the week, a trip to McDonalds' for an artery clogger and to watch the people will be in order. The best place for people watching locally is the Waffle House. The old joke that it would take all of the waitresses in a Waffle House to make up a full set of teeth, is just about right, at least at ours! All kinds of people enjoy the gastronomic treats that Waffle House is noted for.  Just bring the Kaopectate for dessert! I'll just let the rest of the week be a surprise.
Now, the WX guessers are saying an inch and a half of snow by Tuesday A.M., Oh boy, here we go again!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The convertible

Funny how I can't remember what I had for supper last night, but the memory of old cars we had seems to stay in your thoughts of the past. I was reading  Dapper Dan's post about old Buick's he was fond of, and I guess a synapse fired in the old brain and the convertible the folks bought when I was in high school immediately came to mind.
It was a '57 Ford convertible. That car was slicker than a s**thouse rat!! Beige, with a beige top, and the police interceptor engine, man, it would fly! But... it came with it's own set of problems. If you drove it in the rain you were going to get wet, no two ways about it. The top around all of the windows leaked like a seive. The trans leaked, the rear end leaked, and if you filled the gas tank, it too, leaked out of the filler cap.
One saturday night, my buddy and I took it on a double date to the drive in movies, a huge rain storm moved in, and by the time it was over,  there was about an inch of water in the back floor boards, as the floor boards sat lower than the frame. We got wet up front as well, but it was a hot date, so we just put up with it and watched the movie (sure we did!)
I was working at a gas station  on the week ends, and took it to work to get the oil changed, and on the sly,  to weld two cut-outs into the exhaust system. They worked great until I came in late from cruising around and forgot to put the caps back on the cut outs. The next morning my dad went out to go somewhere in it and when he started it up, the ol' Ford roared like a tiger! Well, you can imagine the rest of that story!
The convertible stayed around for a couple of years despite her problems. Her on board gear always included a set of clean bath towels. Sure would like to have that car today!