Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working !

Sometimes when it's quiet, flashbacks of many of the people I have worked with in the past,  just jump into my thoughts out of no where. For the most part, it was the good, the bad, and the ugly, pretty well across the board! I have always been a keen observer of people, especially my fellow directors!
One fellow I especially remember,  because he totally believed that the road to success was paved with the backs of others! This guy was an "Operator" to the max, and would steal any one's thunder in a minute. He was fun to watch in action, but the powers that be soon caught on, and an unceremonious dismissal took place.
I was fortunate to work along side some of the most professional and caring folks in the biz. These were the people that you hoped you would turn out to emulate one day. Then, there were people I worked with that had served their apprenticeship, gone on to college and passed all of the state board exams, like all the rest of us. Then they discovered that the biz just wasn't what they thought it would be. Now these were some miserable people. Some slogged it out for a while, doing a half-fassed job, and eventually just left. These were the folks that wearing a suit and driving a Cadillac was all they were after....until they found themselves crawling out of bed at 2AM, putting on a suit and yes, driving that same Cadillac to the hospital or nursing home!
I am sure that many of my fellow bloggers have put up with the rotten eggs, slackers and SOB's in the work place. People are people, almost every job or profession has the about the same mixture. Out living them is the reward, but unfortunately, when one goes down, another takes their place!

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