Thursday, February 17, 2011

The John Deere

The warm weather of the past few days has been a real pleasure!
Even though there is not a bud about to bloom yet, I know Spring is coming and with it, yard work!
I know there is a John Deere lawn tractor in my future. Our son has taken care of our lawn for the past two years, but since one of his part-time jobs went full time, old dad will finally have to bite the bullet and start doing it. When we moved from Atlanta, we left a very tired 20 year old  Craftsman lawn tractor with the new owner who was happy to have it. Most of the folks here in the hood, have John Deere lawn tractors and think they are the best. Far be it from me to stray from the fold,  and buy some off-brand lawn tractor!
Just think of the consequences. I could be banned from the garage/man cave gatherings in the evenings or they might train all of their dogs to leave mega piles of poo in our yard.  Boy,  it's just scary!
I know there is a big John Deere waiting for me at Lowes. I can see it now on the day it will be delivered. It's flagship colors of yellow and green shining in the sun, and the hardy approval of neighbors. Ahhh, life is good here in America!

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