Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days Events

You never know what events await you with the start of each new day. Seems like on the days you really have nothing planned, you get zapped with something out of the blue! Such was the case involving our nine month old Honda Accord. A dead battery! Now, this is a car that lives in a semi heated garage, and has been afforded all the TLC a fellow could bestow on it. Nothing to do but limp on down to the Honda dealership for a new battery. The dealership is about 15 miles from us, so I was hoping I could make it before the battery conked out again. The people at the dealership are first class in all aspects and in thirty minutes,  I was on my way back home with a new battery, at no charge. The folks in Ohio build a mighty good car. This is our second Accord.
I also own a '93 Ford Ranger pick up with almost 100K absolutely carefree miles on it. I've always felt that if you take good care of a vehicle, it will take good care of you! Not always, but most of the time anyway.

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