Friday, February 25, 2011

What Ever!

We had a pretty good storm go through last evening around 11:00 P.M., with a lot of high wind and sideways rain. Tornado warnings all around us. Got a little crazy there for about an hour. I went out this morning and found a few shingles off of the roof on the lawn. I'm glad I have a bundle of spares, now have to have someone come out and nail them back on. Used to be I would do it myself, but me and ladders don't get along very well. Just another chapter in the happy homeowners book.
To change he subject, the situation in Libya has been interesting to follow on T.V. Gaddafi is suffering from delusions of grandeur and he just can't believe the party is over! I think it's a matter of time before Tripoli falls once he is abandoned by his own troops, and his female bodyguards. Maybe he can sell his clothes on EBay!
Another hot item on the tube, unions and teachers. I am not a fan of labor unions and feel they should be no where near our education system. Have you ever tried to dismiss an employee who was a slacker, doing a lousy job, and a member of a union? Nuff said!
Yesterday was a fix the computer day. The thing was going nuts! No matter what I did it would throw me off of the net. Despite all of the safeguards I have on it, nothing bad bounced up as a problem. What ever I did in my hunting around it's brain must have fixed it. No problems today so far. I would be lost with out one.  For retired folks,  it's one of the best things going.

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