Thursday, February 10, 2011

a wasted mind!

It's early morning and I am sitting here savoring that first cup of coffee. I have visions of a good old southern style breakfast consisting of eggs, a small slice of country ham, hot steaming grits with butter just floating in them, and big 'ol cat head biscuits with butter and  'lasses, and of course, hot strong coffee with a little chicory in it.  With a breakfast like that you could chop 12 rows of cotton and cut a cord of firewood, and still be full! When I was a kid I stayed with my grandparents in Mississippi off and on for a pretty good while and you could just about count on the above breakfast every morning. When I would be shipped back up to Michigan, breakfast was what ever you could find! Some contrast huh.
Here on the ridge, we got blasted with two more inches of snow last night and woke up to eight degree temps. I know the rest of you are are equally tired of winter, so won't go into a tirade about it. No busted pipes, thanks to a good home builder!
I know now  why so many other "Geezers" head for south Florida. Leaves on the trees, green grass, a soft warm breeze,
short sleeve shirts, man, I can see it now! Even go for a hot "Cuban Sandwich" in "Little Havana"! We are close to I-65, and generally around late October, there are miles of RV's headed south. Who can blame them. We had thought about going full time RV'ing a few years back. I have to admit it has it's merits, but later health considerations ruled it out.
Well, this was going to be a thesis on southern cusine, but looks like I strayed from that pretty well, perhaps another time I can go into the finer points of stump slung and stream washed fried chitlins! BTW, a six pack must be consumed prior to eating the afore mentioned chitlins!
Remember, don't eat the yellow snow!

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