Monday, October 27, 2014


Last week, our refrigerator went "Toe's Up" on us. Seems that just when you get a few bucks ahead the dollar eating phantom shows up!

We knew we were having a problem with the old Kitchen mAid, when a pool of water greeted us one morning, and the compressor ran all of the time because the fan motor was shot. We were lucky to get an honest repairman, who after giving the old ice box the once over, told us we not need to spend another dime on it, but just go get a new one.

So that afternoon we drove down off of the ridge to Lowe's where we got a great price on a new Whirlpool model with french doors, and the freezer drawer on the bottom. Stainless steel as was the better half's choice. We were lucky in that we didn't loose but a few items of food, in the transition from old to new. Our old ice box we had in Georgia lasted twenty years, so  I'm looking for twenty out of this one. I had to laugh at what I just twenty years I will be 91 years old !

Our daughter who lives 50 miles away has been wanting me to pressure wash the vinyl siding on her home, so Saturday morning we make the trek with the pressure washer in the back of the Pilot.
We got everything ready, and the pressure washer would not build pressure because of some bad
"O" rings that had shrunk over the summer in storage! Talk about feeling snake bit!!!

Kinda makes me wonder, what's going to go bad next...nothing I hope, but should it happen, I know I can count on that 1.7% Social Security increase to get me through!!!!!

Today, the wife and I cut the lawn for the last time until spring. The weather guessers are calling for a big freeze over the week end, so that should stop it's growth. Yard work is done for the winter!!

Monday, October 13, 2014


I started growing the "Winter Beard" about two weeks ago. For those of you who grow your own face warmer, you know the first couple of weeks you look pretty scruffy.

Every year I am shocked by how much whiter the beard looks, which reflects my 70+ years. I give it another three weeks until I start looking like the other old geezers at the local big box store. The cost of razor blades is also an added incentive!

The weather guessers are telling us that here in middle Tn., we can expect a whopper of a storm between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM, Wind, lightning, and perhaps a tornado. Most of the time, the more they try to scare us, the smaller storm we get! We take the proper precautions any way, who knows they just might get one right for a change!