Sunday, March 3, 2013

Here On The Ridge

Looks like our winter snowstorm LOL, has finally blown to the east. We received about an inch and a half of the white stuff here on the ridge, the salt and brine trucks went into high gear spreading enough salt to rust out a battleship! I had to run to the hardware store to get a new light switch, and now my old Ranger truck which is black, has gray sides. We have so may hills and hollers here on the ridge, I guess the salt is needed. Maybe I can wash it in a week or so when the weather gets up around 60 degrees.

A few weeks back we had so much wind that it blew down 25 foot of my wood fence.
The posts have been set for the new fence, but the cold and snow halted any further work on it. Then the garage door opener motor gave up the ghost. It only took two times to manually open it in the rain to send me down to the flatland Lowe's for a replacement. The new one fit right up, but replacing it in below freezing temps was a challenge. My son lives not far from us and his help was most appreciated, especially for an old geezer like myself. Always something it seems like, but hay, that's just life.

Last month, we did manage to load the Pilot, and head for Longboat Key in Florida.
What a welcome break it was. 85 degree days and soft warm breezes. I somehow forget to pack some walking shorts, so a trip to Wal*Mart was the first order of business. I could sure use some of that warm weather right about now! We also celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary while down there. Seems like only yesterday we were both in college, and I was bird dogging who would become my wife and best friend.

This morning we woke up to what sounded like someone running a lawn mower. No way I thought, so curiosity got the best of me, I looked outside and saw two kids from down the road on a go-cart. They were hitting the icy patches in the road and making circles. Looked like great fun, but it was 32 degrees, and I'm sure their face were frozen in a big grin.

Come on Spring!!!!