Saturday, November 27, 2010

People Watching

I have always liked to observe people. Back in the day, when the corporation I was working for required me to cover everything east of the Mississippi river, I got a lot of airport waiting time in. No O.J. run for me to the gate! I would many times get there early just to sit and observe my fellow travelers.
The airports in Detroit, Miami, and Atlanta offered the most variety of people from many points on the globe.
Some of the conversations with the people that spoke English, I still remember. Everyone is indeed a story book.
Now that the Holiday season is starting to crank up, I will enjoy shopping, just to watch the folks around me!
The big box stores are always interesting as well as the large malls.
I recently accompanied my wife to a large fabric store. We were out shopping and I didn't want to sit in the car, so I went in with her. I noticed several other guys doing the same thing with their wives. It was funny to watch their reaction if you happened to notice them. I think they would have been more comfortable with a football under their arm, or a Harley Davidson t-shirt on!!
People watching is about the best free intertainment you can get!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Can we still "Buy American"

Perhaps some of you might recall several years ago when WalMart had their "Buy American" campaign going.
This program stirred a little patriotism in all of us, and was supposed to keep American working.
Today, I challenge you to find an item in the big box stores (besides food) that IS made in the USA.
The current administration keeps talking about creating jobs and job growth. This is all false hope created among the unemployed. We have allowed our manufacturing jobs to go overseas,  as well as our R&D capabilities, all to feed the greed of Wall Street and investors. Just where are they going to find these jobs? Even segments of the service industry have been out sourced to third world countries. Manufacturing plants in many parts of the U.S. are gutted and standing empty. Jobs! Where?
If we as a nation, ever have to be more self sustaining, we are in trouble. Our manufacturing workers have lost many of the technical skills they need to produce a product with plant closures rampant. The old times of working on the "line", putting a nut on a bolt are for the most part gone.
I realize there are many more facets that play into the "can we still make it" scenario. Unions,
being competitive, and quality are also considerations. I'll climb down off of the soap box now!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airport Screening!

I sure am glad my commercial flying days are behind me. If I would have had the choice back then between a McDonalds drop out groping me or the X Ray machine, there would be no hesitation, I would be on that  X Ray machine tighter than a fly on screen door! The prospect of being airborne with some nut case with his Jockeys full of C-4, makes the machine even more attractive! Since I have my sternum wired back together after the coronary by-pass, I'm sure all the bells and whistles would be going off. A small inconvience compared to an exploding plane. Besides the wires might glow at night eliminating a flashlight for going to the loo.
Noticed how the news has not shown anyone in a burka going through security?
The Germans use an X Ray machine that is behind a screen and much less intrusive, however there is a guy with a sub machine gun right beside the machine. Ve haf vays of making you like it!!
People, like it or not, it's for our own good. Forget your "Civil Rights", like it or walk.
Big Ed

Another Thanksgiving

Boy, how time flies! Now in my 67th year, I can remember so many Thanksgiving celebrations with family, many whom are now deceased. The roll out of the day was always about the same, starving, waiting for the turkey to be carved and served. Then getting stuffed ourselves with more to eat than we could imagine.
After dinner cigars were passed out to the "old guys", smoke so thick you could not breathe, and finally all of us kids being told to change out of our good clothes, put on snowsuits and head out for an afternoon of sled
races in the snow. Now, it's all cigars and no snow, but the meal is still traditional! We left the frozen north in Michigan shortly after we were married, headed south, raised our children down here, no snow like when I was a kid, and cigars, or smoking for that matter has been taboo for years!!
The cycle of life goes on! Now there are new faces around our table, grandkids as well, who "shock and awe" us with their accomplishments! Yep, it's all changed, now I'm the "old guy"--but, no cigar!!!