Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Thanksgiving

Boy, how time flies! Now in my 67th year, I can remember so many Thanksgiving celebrations with family, many whom are now deceased. The roll out of the day was always about the same, starving, waiting for the turkey to be carved and served. Then getting stuffed ourselves with more to eat than we could imagine.
After dinner cigars were passed out to the "old guys", smoke so thick you could not breathe, and finally all of us kids being told to change out of our good clothes, put on snowsuits and head out for an afternoon of sled
races in the snow. Now, it's all changed...no cigars and no snow, but the meal is still traditional! We left the frozen north in Michigan shortly after we were married, headed south, raised our children down here, no snow like when I was a kid, and cigars, or smoking for that matter has been taboo for years!!
The cycle of life goes on! Now there are new faces around our table, grandkids as well, who "shock and awe" us with their accomplishments! Yep, it's all changed, now I'm the "old guy"--but, no cigar!!!

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