Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airport Screening!

I sure am glad my commercial flying days are behind me. If I would have had the choice back then between a McDonalds drop out groping me or the X Ray machine, there would be no hesitation, I would be on that  X Ray machine tighter than a fly on screen door! The prospect of being airborne with some nut case with his Jockeys full of C-4, makes the machine even more attractive! Since I have my sternum wired back together after the coronary by-pass, I'm sure all the bells and whistles would be going off. A small inconvience compared to an exploding plane. Besides the wires might glow at night eliminating a flashlight for going to the loo.
Noticed how the news has not shown anyone in a burka going through security?
The Germans use an X Ray machine that is behind a screen and much less intrusive, however there is a guy with a sub machine gun right beside the machine. Ve haf vays of making you like it!!
People, like it or not, it's for our own good. Forget your "Civil Rights", like it or walk.
Big Ed

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