Friday, November 26, 2010

Can we still "Buy American"

Perhaps some of you might recall several years ago when WalMart had their "Buy American" campaign going.
This program stirred a little patriotism in all of us, and was supposed to keep American working.
Today, I challenge you to find an item in the big box stores (besides food) that IS made in the USA.
The current administration keeps talking about creating jobs and job growth. This is all false hope created among the unemployed. We have allowed our manufacturing jobs to go overseas,  as well as our R&D capabilities, all to feed the greed of Wall Street and investors. Just where are they going to find these jobs? Even segments of the service industry have been out sourced to third world countries. Manufacturing plants in many parts of the U.S. are gutted and standing empty. Jobs! Where?
If we as a nation, ever have to be more self sustaining, we are in trouble. Our manufacturing workers have lost many of the technical skills they need to produce a product with plant closures rampant. The old times of working on the "line", putting a nut on a bolt are for the most part gone.
I realize there are many more facets that play into the "can we still make it" scenario. Unions,
being competitive, and quality are also considerations. I'll climb down off of the soap box now!

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