Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's Next?

Well, for starters, the HP laptop I have been using for years finally decided to kick the bucket. I could see it coming, but managed to squeeze every thing I could out of it before it just up and died. I could smell something burning just before it fizzled out, so it must have cooked it's own brain!

Now, I have my daughters Dell laptop she no longer needed, and it is doing just fine. It did take me a while to reload the blogs that I normally follow, but other than that, the transition has gone well.

Just when you think every thing could not be going better, the water heater also felt the need to start leaking. This past week I have felt a little "Snake bit," with things going out, but, hey, that's what keeps life interesting.

I am so ready for Fall to get here. It was 92 degrees (again) today here on the ridge. The weather is supposed to remain somewhere around that figure for the rest of the week. Come on cool air!