Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Thoughts

The commercials were great, the half time show sucked, and the boys from Acme Packing won! Now the Super Bowl can R.I.P. for another year. The best part of the whole deal was not having to listen to the "Talking Heads" on CNN, give us their opinions  (Ad Nausium) on the Egyptian guessing game. I hate to say this, but the average U.S. citizen doesn't give a big fat rat's as$  what happens over there! The end result will be the same with, or with out the U.S. sticking it's nose once again where it doesn't belong. How's that for a little personal opinion?
I think I must be suffering from "News Overload" again, just gotta quit watching and stick to reading the seed catalog!!!
It's Monday, so it looks like another another week of retirement bliss looms before us. A trip to Walmart is high on the list, need a few provisions for the coming week and to see that there are other actual people out there. The wife is great company, but after 48 years, we can almost anticipate each others thoughts. A new thought creates all kinds of excitement!
Maybe later in the week, a trip to McDonalds' for an artery clogger and to watch the people will be in order. The best place for people watching locally is the Waffle House. The old joke that it would take all of the waitresses in a Waffle House to make up a full set of teeth, is just about right, at least at ours! All kinds of people enjoy the gastronomic treats that Waffle House is noted for.  Just bring the Kaopectate for dessert! I'll just let the rest of the week be a surprise.
Now, the WX guessers are saying an inch and a half of snow by Tuesday A.M., Oh boy, here we go again!

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