Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scooney's Big Adventure

Yesterday was a big day here on the ridge!
I had been putting off getting those few shingles on the roof replaced,  that were blown off in the "Breeze" we had last week. So I got started by calling a few roofing companies in the local phone book. This was a futile exercise, as most of them said they could not help me, or they had a minimum charge of $250.00 to do roof repairs, even with me furnishing the shingles and nails!!!
Well, now what am I going to do. We have only lived here for two years, and not knowing folks that might tack up three shingles was going to be a challenge. I'm sitting in my recliner trying to figure it out and there on the end table is the latest copy of the local advertiser. I swear it had an aura around it, like some Davine magnet drawing me to it!  I located the best ad I could find that suited my situation, and called the number.
Bubba, answered the phone! I had some misgivings right away, but went on to tell Bubba my problem.
"Sure, he could help, soon as he was done movin this frigerator, he'd head on over air". He arrived in full Camo from "hog huntin" and a ladder tied to the top of the cab of an old Toyota pick up. His partner,
looked like he had escaped from the set of "Deliverance", boy, now I'm really apprehensive about the outcome of this! They went right to work, did the repairs and checked out the rest of the roof as well.
It was pretty obvious they knew what they were doing. So now, I have someone I can call if I need any repairs. The best part was the check I wrote for $60.00!!! I guess the old adage about not judging a book by it's cover holds true here on the ridge.

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