Monday, March 28, 2011

Hitting The Wall

I knew it would happen sooner or later, that is, a bad case of writers block!
To see what other people Blog about I have been hitting the "next blog" on the header. Amazed, is the best word to describe all that I have found. Stories about family pets abound, in your face religious blogs, politics out the wazoo and a zillion family day to day events! I have been intrigued by some sites that are intelligently written and thought provoking regarding life events, and other sights that are a total turn off with cat pictures and narrative on kitty's life! Sorry, no cat lover am I. Cooking sites also get a mention, especially the ones with pictures that makes the gravy appear purple...plop that one down in front of your family sometime!
I am especially fond of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis. I think I have found the cream of the crop, and enjoy every one of them,  as many times they make my day.
Back to the writers block, I have many stories to tell after fourty four years as a funeral director, man,  I am chock full of stories! Many are hilarious, many not so much, but all deal with the human condition. I have had many friends tell me I should write a book, but who would believe it! To post a blog about these things I have seen and been a part of,  would not be in the traditions of the profession. So here I am stuck with just day to day events, and for a retired old geezer, that doesn't leave much!
From time to time I might throw in a post about flying, the second love of my life. There was nothing more exciting after your pre-flight check of the plane, than to get in, buckle up, yell clear prop, and hit the starter and watch that big prop start to turn and the engine cough and finally catch and smooth out. Just you and the plane, it gets no better than that!
I'll come up with something to post about eventually, meantime, I'll just enjoy reading what others are writing. about

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