Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Electric Hooptie

The local news tonight was telling us how Pub lix grocery stores are going to install electric charging stations at their stores. The first of these will be in the silk stocking area of Nashville. I wonder who the marketing brainiac was that got an "Attaboy" from his boss for this brain fart! Who is going to want to shop at Pub lix for from one to four hours while the electric hooptie slurps up a charge to get the caviar home. Now folks, this is middle Tennessee, not the west coast where I'm sure there are many electric/gas combo cars. This is the land of the pick up truck. No self respecting redneck would be caught dead in any thing other than his pick up to take his bride to the nearest Motel 6 for an elegant honeymoon.
The old pick up would "Get 'er done, the electric tinymobile, maybe not!
I'm sure it will be years before we see a charging station here on the ridge. It's hard to put a good set of loud pipes on a Chevy Jolt, and there is no place to throw your "Bud" cans!
Just think about it...an electric hearse that poops out half way to the cemetery, but,  that's a no brainer, just use the ministers pick up to go the rest of the way!
I guess my age is showing, but where is the economy when you have to replace the worn out batteries,
and they WILL wear out eventually, for thousands of dollars in an electric.
I know we have to make changes in our transportation modes for obvious reasons, but it's fun seeing what will come along next. MoPed anyone?

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