Monday, March 21, 2011

Hammer and Nails

The past several days, we have had the best weather yet for some of those projects I have been putting on the back burner. Our "shed house" or storage building, in the back yard has needed a lot of repairs since we bought our home, one heart attack and two years ago. It's one of those things that you have to force yourself to get started on, like any project around the house, where a small project turns into a big one. Well, that's what happened. Come to find out the trim work was full of carpenter ants, because the yahoo's who built it didn't use pressure treated wood. Long story short, after four days work and several trips to the lumber yard it is finished. Now, I know Norm  from "This Old House" would be rolling with laughter at my handy work, but for an old worn out undertaker,  I think it looks pretty good!  I've got to give a little praise to my Michigan wife for staying right in there with me until the last nail was pounded in. Do you remember when library ladies were tough a a nickle steak when you got too loud, well, you ought to see this one with hammer and nails, makes you want to do the "get back!"
I'm contemplating what the next project will be, might take a week or more in the recliner just to give it enough thought. I'm sure something will come to mind, it always does when you are a "happy homeowner."

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