Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lawn Mower Therapy

We have had so much rain here in middle Tennessee, that the grass is jumping out of the ground!
I am using more gas in the riding mower than the car just trying to keep up with it.
For some folks cutting the grass is a real drudge, just one of those mundane," have to do" jobs around the house. But for me, it's time well spent. I used to joke about it being "lawn mower therapy" time, but the next time you are faced with the chore, see if your mind doesn't drift from one thought to the next!
I have had folks that ride motorcycles tell me the same thing happens to them, in that after a good ride, all of the problems of the world are solved. Well, I've got to tell you the first and only time I was on a motorcycle, I rode it through a huge rose bush trying to get to the street, but I do envy the folks that enjoy a day on the hog. My experience kind of wiped out the "biker" image and used up a full box of Band-Aids.
Flying a plane also has the same cathartic effect. You are so busy trying not to kill yourself that everything else seems to vanish. When you land the thought that "I cheated death one more time" does pop into your head!
I have know several people in the past who have paid big bucks for psychotherapy sessions, when you know, all they needed was a riding mower and a big yard! It works every time!

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