Sunday, April 24, 2011

Telling On Myself

Back in the Dark Ages when I was a junior in high school, I had a car to support like many of my friends, so like many of my friends, a job was needed, any job that would buy gas,  pay for insurance and a set of glass pack mufflers!
I was lucky in that I found a job with the local flower shop delivering flowers after school and on the week ends. The money was good and I got to drive a VW bus which I enjoyed. All was going fine until the owner got the wild idea that the day before Easter, one of the other guys would drive and I would wear a bunny suit to deliver flowers to the door. Despite a lot of protesting and "no way", it came down to "my way, or the highway", so the Saturday before Easter, I put on this pink bunny outfit, complete with big ears and a huge
cotton tail!
All was going fine until the last delivery just before a break for lunch. A big vase of roses. We pulled up in front of the house, which had a fence around the house with a gate to go through to get to the front door.
I got about half way to the front door, when around the corner of the house a big German Shepherd appears! The dog froze in his tracks probably thinking that that was the biggest damn rabbit he had ever seen! I almost made it back to the gate, when he got me. He tore the a$$ completely out of the bunny suit and got a good chunk of mine as well! The roses went everywhere as I made it out of the gate.
On the trip to the emergency room, I had been so preoccupied with trying to stop the bleeding, I had forgotten to take off my big floppy ears and the now bloody bunny suit with the back in shreds.
The E.R. staff was all laughing, and called everyone in to "get a load of this!" Several stitches later, we drove back to the flower shop. Jack, the owner, was upset because the bunny suit had cost him a pretty penny, but was sympathetic for my stitches as well and doubled my pay for the day saying that I had earned it! We never heard about the roses.
So every Easter, I think about that story and feel where the stitches were and smile. My senior year I worked in a Shell gas station, no bunny suit there!

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