Friday, April 8, 2011

Pet Peeve Time

Pet peeve time!
A few days ago I was in line to check out a few grocery's, just items that I had overlooked at Walmart.
In front of me was a lady, very well dressed and coiffed, with a cart full of food. Since I knew it would take a few minutes for her to check out, I was curious as to what kind of food she fed her family. It was all good stuff, not like me with store brands in my cart. When she flipped out her food stamp card, I couldn't believe it! I'm sure my jaw dropped.
She was still loading her food in her car when I went out to the parking lot. Her year old Lexus looked brand new!  I drove home doing the slow burn.
Now, I know there are many folks that need food stamps, and have no problem with that. In the past when I have seen people use them I could picture hungry children at home and have a lot of empathy for those folks.
Then tonight on the news they said that food stamp usage has gained in number by a huge percentage.
Well, dah! Who's minding the store?
Several years back, they had dropped the hammer on these Welfare Queens by making them  re-qualify, but they know the system and how to use it to their advantage, so now they are back in greater numbers as it appears. This gal must have had some connections somewhere, because to qualify for food stamps you have to be dirt poor, among other things.  I guess I shouldn't be too critical, if the big "O" keeps killing our Social Security increases, I might need those stamps myself!

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