Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Banjo Pickin

We started out the day with a little sunshine that has faded into an overcast sky. More wind and T-storms for later today. Can you believe we lost a few more shingles in a high windstorm of a few days ago.
Time to call Bubba and his boys back to the house for a few repairs. Dealing with Bubba almost takes the sting out of loosing a few shingles!
Since the weather will keep me inside today, I need to knock the dust off of the banjo, tune it up, and start building my speed up again. My good friend, Dapper Dan, plays a mean guitar and one of these days we will do another session of back porch pickin and yowling. It used to be that after a little liquid refreshment we just sounded better and better as the evening went on! Now, do to health considerations, the liquid refreshment is not allowed, so the dogs howling in the neighborhood will be the best judge of our efforts.
I never really understood what Bluegrass music was about until I did a lot of extensive traveling through out Appalachia. It's the music of the people, telling of hard times, lost loves and just about anything else they wanted to put to music. I always found it interesting that no matter how bad a mountain house may look, the folks living there could always bring out a guitar, banjo or mandolin. The music was that important to them.
 The banjo is an instrument that many people might play, but very few do it well, me included! I found this one years ago in a music store in North Carolina. The fellow that owned the place must have wanted to get rid of it pretty bad and made me a deal I couldn't refuse. So, I'm walking out of the place with an instrument that I have no idea how to play. I guess that's when the Bluegrass saga began.
The news, with regard to the politics of the day,  reminds  me of two kids playing marbles, where at the end of the day, one kid wins most of the marbles, and the next day looses them. The whole thing is turning into a circus, and we are paying for admission.
Well, guess I had better go call Bubba over in Dark Holler about the roof!

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