Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Morning Soap Box

It's time to climb back on the soap box!!
Reading this morning on the net, about the "Birther" issue regarding our illustrious president, and his Hawaiian
birth certificate.
Even if "O" was born in Iceland, there are people in our government called "Fixers" who can covertly take care of things like this. Even tho none of us have seen the original certificate, you can bet your bottom dollar that by now it will show him being born there in Hawaii!
There is a certain mystique surrounding his place of birth I have to admit! There is still much we do not know about the man. I would hate to be a biographer trying to piece that puzzle together! Wonder how many curves and dead ends they would encounter in their search for the truth.
I am not personally an "O" fan, but I do think the whole issue is kinda chicken shiz.

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