Friday, December 17, 2010

Well, here it is, another morning, sitting here in retirement bliss!
Like I said in an earlier post, I've just got to stay away from the national news! Hearing all of the details of the tax cut will certainly help draw down the national debt, NOT!!!! Did you catch the part about reducing the Social Security deductions?  If the great "O" has his way, the next thing will be reductions in our monthly S.S. checks, leading eventually to the demise of the program once and for all. If I was young and still working I would be stashing every cent I could away for those senior years!
I wonder what will happen if China says to the U.S., "No more loans"? From what I have read we will just go on printing more money, to the point it will be so devalued that it will take a wheel barrow to carry it around.
I enjoy reading foreign newspapers just to get other views regarding our nation. I came across a lengthy article in PRAVDA  a few days ago. The journalist was spot on about us as a nation and where we are headed. The article was haunting in that you would have thought the guy lived here in the states!
The Brits have their own set of problems, so we get very little coverage in their papers. Many of the South American papers continue to give us Hell, as well as the Middle East publications. The crux of many of the pubs is that they are laughing up their sleeve at us, waiting for the mighty and powerful OZ to take a tumble!!
It's all interesting reading, just take it as someones opinion, and we all know the old joke about opinions!!
Well, the morning is moving on, I need one more cup of black lightning to fire up the turbines, then I can watch the day unfold. The WX is overcast. maybe a mid morning snooze is in order. What a life, eh!!!

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