Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life on the ridge

Early morning, a hot cup of coffee, 26 degrees outside and the furnace warming the house. Quiet, what a wonderful sound! Being retired does have it's rewards at times. It has been five years since I directed my last funeral. I had been counting the days until I would drive the funeral coach back to the home, hang up the keys, and walk away from 45 years of an occupation that was my life.
It took a long time for me to realize what retirement was, to gear down, and start to relish every day as a new adventure. Even the small things like a good cup of coffee, on a cold winter morning, fantastic!
We have been back in middle Tennessee now for almost two years. Our little village sits on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau where it makes a half moon back to the east above Nashville. We have noticed that there is always a breeze up here on the ridge, and that we are always a degree or two cooler than Nashville.
The TV weather forecast, is never quite on the mark for up here, which makes a weather radio even more important, but, there again, we are retired, who cares, right!
Well, I'm burning daylight, so need to get up and get with the program for the day, maybe a little Christmas shopping, or maybe not. What a life!

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