Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleigh Bells

Several years ago when our two oldest grandkids were preschoolers, they, and their parents made the trip to Georgia to spend Christmas with us.
They arrived a few days before Christmas, so there was plenty of time to get them hyper-excited about Old Santa's visit. The house was decorated, Tree was up, and the smell of fresh baked cookies was in the air.
Finally Christmas eve arrived. Getting them to bed took a lot of work, then just when you thought they were asleep, here they would come back to the living room. It was shaping up to be a no sleep night!
On their next round to the bedroom, I thought I'd have some fun! I had a rack of big sleigh bells, snuck out the door, went to the corner of the house and set up a jingle like they were on a horse, all the time in my Santa voice hollering "Merry Christmas" several times. I shot back into the house. They came charging into the living room, knowing, with out question, that they had heard Santa!!! They finally did go to sleep, but I was roundly chastised for my actions!!! A few days later, my neighbor mentioned that they had woke up to the sound of bells and someone yelling "Merry Christmas".  I told them it must have been some drunk in the neighborhood!!!!!

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