Sunday, December 12, 2010

Social Insecurity

Well, time to climb on the soap box again!
I have been reading about how the proposed tax cuts will impact Social Security. If these tax cuts fly, there will certainly be smaller amounts of money going in to help fund the program! The thing that gives me the ruberis anaii is if the politicians had kept their greedy hands off of Social Security, the program would have continued to fund itself as it was intended. The monies in the program belong to the American people, we contributed to the program all of our working years. Did anyone ask us if congress could gut the program?
Unfortunately, money was stolen from Social Security on the sly, over the past 15 or so years, fooling the American people once again.
Now, they want to boost the full retirement age up to 69, What a joke! Just how many people today do you know that are physically able to work in construction and industry until they would become 69 years old?
Workers will have to retire at an earlier age, thus receiving reduced benefits and creating a subsistence lifestyle in their older years. Al Gore was right when he said that "Social Security should be put in a lock box"
He could smell a rat, even years ago!
I do agree with the premis that non U.S. citizens, should not be given benefits nor Medicare. Cut them out of the programs and watch how quickly the flow across the U.S., Mexican border reverses itself. Maybe not the humanitarian thing to do, but no other country that I know of will allow illegals in their country to become wards of the state.
Then The Prez, manipulates his advisers into twisting the figures around, basing the cost of living on gas prices, thus proclaiming there will be no COLA for Social Security recipients for two years. What a sham! Prices have increased across the board for everything, food, utilities, you name it. The geezers, rather than going along with it should have revolted, but it didn't happen, There again, whose money is it!
When and if, the talking heads in Washington, start reducing our monthly benefit checks, probably their next step, we will then know for sure that our nation is on the skids.

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