Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's it all mean?

Interesting observation of late!
Have you noticed how young folks (25 years and younger) today, have little or no interest in their family history? I guess that I am more aware of this, as I go kicking and screaming into old age!
Sure, many of us have at some point in the past generated a family tree, with names and dates of our fore bearers, but the young folks seem not interested in the stories that go along with those names, and some of those stories, are full of life struggles and great accomplishments!
When I was young, I heard the stories! I know that grand parents, and parents felt that you had to know where you came from, in order for you to know what was expected of you in life. I'm aware that times have indeed changed. Everything for young folks today is "right now". The experience of today is quickly forgotten and the next event is eagerly anticipated.
Reflecting back on my former profession, a question that was necessary for the completion of the death certificate, was "what was the deceased, mothers maiden name?" It always amazed me when a family had no idea, and would have to ask a relative, and get back to me! This happened in about 30% of families that I worked with. Amazing isn't it!
The "traditional family" as we know it, is rapidly disappearing, if not already gone! Look at marriage for example. It seems as though "shackin' up, has become the new way. When you get tired of your partner, just hit the door and look for another, and if you happen to have children, who cares, they will raise themselves!
I used to work with a fellow who would walk around asking "what's it all mean?" Now, I'm scratching my head, asking the same question!

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