Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Another day in retirement paradise!
Yesterday was fairly busy, a quick trip to China-Mart for a few provisions before the weather turns foul again, then a follow-up doctor appointment, and home to a great roast beef supper my better half had prepared.
Today, a total contrast to yesterday! No real plans in the offing. Just us, a comfortable recliner and the TV.
We have discussed a possible trip to Micky D's at noon for an artery clogger, but no real movement in that direction, only discussion. For the moment, life is grand!
Thinking about all of the years of getting up early, getting ready for work, then dragging home after twelve hours of mind numbing grief, all seems as if it didn't exist, Oh sure, plenty of instant flashbacks,and memories, but still, almost surreal. Forty five years of it, unbelievable!
Well, better get with it, I can almost taste that dollar double cheeseburger right now!

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