Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wimpy's Delight!

I don't claim to be the "Duncan Hines" of hamburger joints, but here in the ridge, up by I-65, we have three. A Mickey D's, a Hardee's and a Windy's. The interstae keeps them all pretty busy most of the time, so if you can find a parking spot, a grease burger is in your immediate future!
Having slipped the surly bonds of my cardiologist, I have enjoyed what all three have to offer at one time or another. My conclusion is that Hardee's make the best burger for the buck. The "Thick Burger",
is so loaded with condiments that they will run down your arms if you are not careful. They taste like a hamburger should, with no guessing about the mystery meat inside the bun!
I don't think they are nationwide yet, so some of you might not be familiar with this chain, based out of Spartanburg, S.C., maybe there's one coming near you!!
Some years back a rumor got started about Windy's putting ground up worms in the meat, it almost put them out of business here in the south! The rumor was soon dispelled, and everybody was happy again.
The old standard, Mickey D's, is kind of like going to Mr. Walton's place. Never know what will drag in off of I-65. You can see it all, right there! I got to say their cardio-fry's are still the best of the chains! Bon Apatite', Y'all.

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