Thursday, September 22, 2011

The List

It started out to be a good day here on the ridge. After dragging out of bed and heading straight for the recliner, I'm thinking, now this is the life! But then, on the end table was my list of "must do's"
before winter. Almost everything had been crossed off, but a quick scan of the list told me that pressure washing the house had not been accomplished yet!
I guess the reason it was glaring at me, is because I put this in the same category as watching paint dry!
Our home has vinyl siding, so when we bought it, I thought it would be maintenance free, WRONG!!
The crud in the atmosphere is drawn to it like a magnet. It looked clean, but the first swipe of the pressure washer told the story---- Covered with Big Al Gore's industrial pollution from some where!
Now, this chore is somewhat mindless and fall's into the same area as cutting grass, fence staining, and using the weed eater. But this requires the use of a ladder. O.K., I can handle that with out a problem, but throw in the meds I have to take in the morning...which make me about half drunk until about noon, and it can be a real challenge! I'm sure the neighbors who happen to see me stagger out to the mail box in the mornings, must think it's awfully early for him to have his snoot in the jug, bless their hearts!
It's going to be cooler tomorrow, so think I'll wait until after lunch to finish the job.

On another note, Dapper Dan over at The Cumberland Post, has published his latest book "Blood Country." I got a copy a few afternoon's ago, and once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. I finished it in the wee hours, and was still thinking about it after I went to bed! It's a great mystery novel, and Dapper Dan pulled out all the stops on this one!
Dan, I hope I didn't embarrass you, but it's a good one!

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