Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mountain Memories !

I think this is the first summer in my 68 years that we did not take an extended vacation! For the most part, it was just too hot to even think about several days on the road, and once arriving at a destination, the heat would wear you down pretty quickly.
Now that the weather has cooled down we  decided a "short" trip might be in order, maybe somewhere here in Tennessee. Since our state is long and narrow, that leaves two choices, Memphis (No way!) or the mountains of east Tennessee. We packed the Accord and headed for The Great Smokey Mountains!
I guess all of the other Geezer's must have had a call to the mountains as well! Gatlinburg was full of them, I'm talking busloads of  'um. Now,  I'm no spring chicken, but these folks were old.
We fit in pretty well with the "senior" scene, and to be honest, I'll take an old Geezer any day over a screaming, bratty kid in a restaurant!
I am still amazed at how the early settlers got across those mountains. I know there are Gaps here and there they could get through, but still, they had to be pretty tough to make it. I'm sure that holds true with the Rockie's as well. We had a great trip!
This coming week end there are all kinds of Bluegrass Festivals to go to. Now for us ridge runners, a good Bluegrass group is about as good as it gets! My good friend, Dapper Dan and I have thought about making an appearance as "The Deep Holler Boy's",  Dapper Dan on his Silvertone guitar can keep up with the best of them, but, my old five string banjo can't seem to get the right notes, or completely forgets what song we are playing! Must be "CRS" creeping up on me!  Some of these folks that play at these festival's, come out of the hills around here and have virtually been playing and singing Bluegrass music since they were kids! Tough acts to follow.
No frost yet here on the ridge, but you know it's coming. Keep your wood dry!

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