Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back On The Blog !

Yesterday, the weather here on the ridge moderated a little (Just 90!) so it seemed like a good day to install the new mailbox and post. The old one was looking pretty bad, survived a few drive-by
ball bats and was fodder for neighborhood gossip! The project started out just fine until we hit limestone rock about ten inches down. I would have been just fine if I had my ice spud, from my Michigan days to break up the rock. Three hours later the project was complete, my wife and I both covered with concrete dust! So now we will see how long it takes some little bastid to work it over!
Over the course of the summer, after haggeling with the insurance company, we got a new roof.
The storm damage occured in April and evidently did more damage to the roof than we had thought.
But, all is well now!
The big event for the summer was helping move our son and family into their new home here on the ridge. It took three days but we made it. I'm just glad we don't have to worry about moving our selves again, it's just too much work! The Pres. might have all of us retired folks eating cat food before he's gone, but at least we will have a place to call home!
We still have not gone on vacation, just too many doctor visits and other projects kept getting in the way.
So now we are going to try for mid-September, at least all of the kids will be back in school, and the old geezers like us will be taking their place on the road, (Scarey thought, huh!)
Where to go is the question. Do we visit kin folks, or do we just follow the hood on the Honda, and see where we end up? Either way, we need a little road time!

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