Monday, August 22, 2011

Something New Every Day !

The Quik-O oil place here on the ridge was not busy, so I made a dive for the empty bay. The Ford truck was just about ready for an oil change anyway, so I tossed frugality aside, and went for it. I was guided over the oil pit by a very attractive young lady, nice change I thought! When I got out and happened to look down in the pit, another young lady was draining the hot oil! My curiousity was killing me, so I asked them where did they learn about working on trucks and cars. Come to find out, they had returned from the Middle-East where they had served a tour with Uncle Sam, working in the motor pool. When they got out, they needed a job, so they took these at Quick-O!
I've got to admit, they did a far better job than the grease monkey, drop outs I have encountered in the past.
Now, how 'bout that! "Go Army!"

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