Sunday, January 23, 2011

To dog, or not to dog

We have been trying to make a decision about getting another dog.
Willow, our mini short haired Dachshund lived with us for seven years. She was a great pet for us, and an even better lap dog on a cold winter evening. We got her as a pup and she soon became a part of our family.
She was one smart dog, and I think there were times she could read my mind, not saying much for my mind is it! The end finally came when the vet discovered that she had 3 slipped disks in her vertibral column, so we had to have her euthanized. That was a bad day at Blackrock, let me tell you. This old undertaker sure did shed a few tears getting her grave ready that day. Me, get attached to a dog, naw, no way, but it happens.
That was five years ago.
Since then my wife and I have both retired, and even with kids and grandkids close by, the wife has been dropping hints of late, about getting another Doxie. Well, what to do?
I can see both sides of the coin in that a pup is a lot of work house training, vet bills and dog food, but I know too, the companionship that comes along with the package. I guess we need to make a decision pretty soon or the dog is liable to outlive both of us!!

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