Friday, January 7, 2011

Religious Folks At The Door

I was reading some of my favorite blogs, and the subject of religious folks at the door was being discussed. It must have jarred a synapse loose in the brain, because an instant memory picture flashed of one such incident I had several years ago.
There had been several cases of home invasions occurring in our area of the burbs of Atlanta, where we lived at the time. Our home was secluded in the woods, a pretty good way back from the street, so someone ringing our door bell was very unusual. Well, the bell rang, which to our eleven pound dachshund, who thought she was a doberman, was the signal to go into action, hackles up and all! I  peeked out of the window and saw two men standing there! With the news of the home invasions on my mind and the fact that you just don't snatch the door open to a stranger in Atlanta, I grabbed my .380 out of it's hiding place, holding it behind my back and opened the door, leaving the glass door closed. These two guys go into their religious spiel, thumping their Bible wanting to read Scripture on the spot!  Responding with "I'm just not interested" seemed to just crank up their zeal to save another poor boy from the fires of Hell!! Meantime, the dog is going nuts wanting to get at them! They kept wanting me to open the door so they could give me a bunch of religious tracts. If they had been giving away $100.00 bills, no way could I open the glass door!! First of all, the damned dog would have chewed a leg off of one of them, secondly, I was holding the main door open with one hand, and the .380 behind my back with the other!! I finally just closed the door on them. It goes to show you how much influence the local news can have on you! Home invasions!!!!!
I could see the headlines now: Local Funeral Director Shoots Religious Workers On Porch.
Here in our little town in Mid-TN, nothing to worry about like that. We do get a few religious folks at the door every now and again. The dog is dead, the .380 packed away, and I was actually nice to the folks that stopped by!

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