Friday, January 14, 2011

Small Town Life

Compared to Atlanta, where until 2 years ago we lived, this small town in middle TN is paradise!
I'm talking about people. Some folks rant about the Postal Service people, and I have run across some nasty ones, but here, they greet you like an old friend. This took some getting used to!
Last week I needed to go to the hardware store for some plumbing parts. The folks there don't just growl at you and say "Aisle 3", but take you to that section, ask what you are doing, and offer some brother in law advice that helped make the project go smoothly. You can bet I'll go back again, rather than drive 15 miles to Home Depot!
The only "big box" store we have here is Walmart. The "greeters" are actually glad to see you. Even folks stocking shelves will stop and have a word with you, same with the check out people. Sure wasn't that way in Atlanta!!
It's easy to go on, banks, neighbors and restaurants, all friendly.
One thing I can't get used to is that folks up here on the ridge like to "tailgate" you on the roads. Not another car in sight, but they will hug your bumper. We have a lot of curves and hills up here, and at times, I think these folks must have learned to drive at Le Mans. Yep, right on your bumper!
I'm sure many small towns across America are like ours, and there is a lot to be said for small town living.
One nice thing too, if you've been working on your car, cutting grass or what have you, no need to change clothes to go to the store, just go, you will blend in nicely!

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