Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nice Day For a Car Wash

Yesterday, Saturday, was some kind of nice here on the ridge. The temp's climbed into the mid-sixties," Plenty of sunshine coming my way!"
I guess the brightness of the day woke me out of the winter hibernation I have been in for the past two months, so a little car washing was in order. My black (Not being racist, God forbid.)pick-up, had turned white from all of the salt on the roads, and the Accord was on it's way towards the same color. Keep in mind that to wash both of them is a big undertaking for this old Geezer. Despite the warnings from the wife about the back, the knees, and the heart, they BOTH got washed!
Well as always, "She who must be obeyed" was right! After putting them both back in the garage, there was no way I was going to limp into the house, knees and back both killing me, and the old ticker doing the "Boom, Chac a lah lak a"!!!!
I made it to the wash room, shucked my wet clothes and made a bee line for the easy chair until the old bod could get control of itself. Now, I know that must have been a Hell of a sight, me in my Jockeys, plopped in the living room in broad daylight. Not a word was said but there was that "I told you so" look that in itself, says it all.
I guess the car wash place will be getting my business from now on.
Today holds the promise of another warm (55degrees) and sunny day, but from what the weather guessers say we have another Artic blast coming this way later in the week, back into hibernation for me! The weather has been so bad here on the ridge that the grand kids have only been in school nine days for the month. When I was a kid in Michigan the schools were never closed for snow, you made it to school the best way you could, but, there again we didn't have the hills to worry about like we have here.
I guess this Egyptian thing will give the oil companies and excuse to charge us more at the pump. Seems like in their greed, any thing that happens is a great excuse to gouge us just a little bit more. Remember after Katrina the facts finally came out that we were awash in Light Sweet Crude! Sure some of the refinery's got damaged, but other refiners in the U.S. quickly picked up the slack. You would not believe the pipeline system that runs underground across our country. Got to admit they have us gaffed, pay the price or walk  BTW, how long do you think the 100% electric car craze will last? Wait until they have to buy a set of new batteries for them The gas/electric stands a better chance of making it, especially on the west coast where the Gore-ites  and fireplace police live!

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