Monday, March 3, 2014


We woke up this morning with ice covering everything, and a coating of snow on top of that. For once the weather guessers got it right!
Since we are icebound, seemed like a good morning for cat head biscuits and sausage patties. I would have made grits to go along with it, but they take a little more time to make right, and I was hungry!
Speaking of grits, we have a Cracker Barrel just off of I-65, about two miles from the house.
We get a lot of snowbirds headed south, and I always enjoy watching them when grits come with their breakfast. Most won't eat them, and those that attempt it, think they are supposed to pour milk over them!
People watching is a great sport, especially folks that are born and bred in other parts of the U.S.

I have noticed that more and more restaurants are favoring chicken on their menu. The only way I like chicken is deep fried in lard, spare me all of the fancy names they put on baked chicken and the abortions they come up with. The stuff is just downright nasty. A chicken will just about eat anything, including each other. I'm sure chicken allows them a better profit margin, but I'll take beef or pork anytime over chicken. I know a hog will eat just about anything also, but a plate of deep fried chitterlings, that are stream washed are hard to beat! Never had chitlins? I used to scoff at the idea of eating them too until on a dare, I had a plate full. At the time, I recall I had finished a six pack, prior to the gastronomic treat, which made them go down pretty smooth. One good 'ol boy with us got sick, and there were chitlins strung in the bushes in the parking lot. Needless to say, he had a hard time living that down!

I did manage to trudge my way out to the mail box a short time ago, skated would be a better word.
All of that risk of busting my butt for a few advertisements, no bills anyway! Not much else to do but watch TV and read blogs, maybe a nap might be in order shortly. The ice will be with us for a day or so as the temps will not go above freezing until Wednesday.

I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday at "Dr. Joe's chamber of  horrors", another crown prep which I'm not happy about. I reckon he must have a house payment about due. Over the last month or so, I'm sure I have paid for his summer vacation to the islands! It's kind of like taking your car in for a check on something,
they always find something else that needs fixing...know what I mean.

This morning I actually saw a Robin. I think he had a plane ticket back to Florida in his back pocket!

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